We are now accepting money orders for this facility. Money orders should be sent to:



5543 Edmondson Pike

Ste 888

Nashville, TN 37211


Money orders cannot exceed $300.00 or they will be returned. Money orders require 7-10 business days for processing to the individual’s account. Money orders will be assessed a maintenance fee that will be deducted from the total amount. 


Money orders must include:

  1. Name of Facility
  2. Full name of the inmate
  3. Inmate's Facility ID number


Money orders not containing this information will be returned to the sender.


We do not accept personal checks or items that are not official money orders from USPS, Western Union or Money Gram. Any items received outside of these requirements will be returned to the sender.


If your individual is released before a money order is received and applied to the individual’s account, the money order will be returned to the sender.