Make a Commissary Deposit, Schedule a Video Visit, and More.

Make a Commissary Deposit, Schedule a Video Visit, and More


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Q: Can I use Cash App to make deposits?

You cannot use Cash App to make deposits to inmates through Correct Pay. To ensure funds are deposited correctly, please continue to complete deposits on our main site or through the Correct Pay mobile app.

Q: How do I make a deposit?

You can make a deposit through the lobby kiosk located in the jail, on our website, or by calling toll-free 855-836-3364

CONTACT Commissary Manager
Q: My card was charged, but the inmate did not receive the money.

All deposits are available immediately to the inmate, unless stated otherwise at time of deposit. We are not allowed to provide inmate account balances or information. You will need to ask the inmate.

Q: How can I verify my transaction was complete?

If the deposit was made at a kiosk, you will receive a printed receipt. At the time of the deposit, you may have selected to receive a text message or email receipt.

Q: I was released. How do I get my money?

When you were released, you filled out a form for the commissary manager to issue you a check. Call the commissary manager to find out when the check will be mailed.

CONTACT Commissary Manager
Q: The inmate has been transferred. What happens to their money?

Their money will be transferred to their new location automatically. This can take up to two weeks.

Q: How do I respond to an inmate’s email or text message?

When you receive a message from an inmate, there is an option to respond at that time.

Q: Why is the inmate I’ve selected unable to receive deposits?

The account balance may be over the allowed limit, or the County Clerk’s office may have frozen the account for unpaid fees. Contact the County Clerk’s office to confirm.

Q: The inmate ordered commissary and never received it.

The inmate needs to contact the commissary manager directly. We are not able to dispute an order on behalf of an inmate.

CONTACT Commissary Manager
Q: How do I get a refund on unused phone time?

You need to contact the phone company directly about a refund on unused phone time.

Q: I did not get a receipt for my deposit.

Email our customer service line with the date, amount and inmate/location and we will be happy to send you a copy.

Q: What is the inmate’s balance?

We are not permitted to provide inmate account balances.

Q: Why is my credit/debit card being declined?

Call your bank to confirm there are no issues with the card. The inmate’s account may be frozen, or the balance is over the allowed amount.

Q: How does an inmate know I have scheduled a visit?

The inmate will see it on their account up to two weeks before the visit.

Q: How much does an inmate phone call cost?

You will need to contact the phone company directly for the cost of a call. We only process the deposits for them.

Q: I forgot my username and password for video visitation

Click on the “Forgot Password” located below the login form for video visitation

Q: How do I find out how an inmate is spending their money?

We do not disclose the details of an inmate’s account.

Q: How do I report a kiosk outage?

If you are a facility, you can submit a service ticket. If you are trying to make a deposit, and a kiosk is down, please call our customer service line to report the outage. That number is 855-836-3364

Q: Why will my photos not attach to an inmate’s email?

Reduce the file size to less than 5MB. Also make sure your file is a .jpg, .jpeg or .gif.

Q: How do I send an email to an inmate?

If the facility offers email communications to be sent directly to an inmate, you will see the option listed on our website. Otherwise, the inmate will have to email you before you will be able to respond.

Q: The system is asking me for a pin, and I don’t know my pin.

If you have a remote visit scheduled with an inmate, the pin number is in your email confirmation. If the inmate is trying to video call you direct, and the system asks you for a pin, that means the inmate hung up.

Q: Texas customers click here for information about filing complaints about our money transmission or currency exchange product or service

If you have a complaint, first contact the consumer assistance division at 855-836-3364 (toll free). If you still have an unresolved complaint regarding the company’s money transmission activity, please direct your complaint to: Texas Department of Banking 2601 North Lamar Boulevard Austin, Texas 78705 877-276-5554 (toll free)

Q: Minnesota Customers: Fraud Protection

Don’t Fall Victim To Fraud

Never send money to someone you have not met in person, and confirm emergency situations are real before sending money.

Common Types of Fraud

Scams affect every part of life. These people try to trick you out of your personal information and your money.  The most common types of fraud fall under these categories:


Examples of specific scams include:  emergency situations you haven’t confirmed; online purchases; claims of lottery or prize winnings; resolving immigration matters; or credit card or loan fees.  There are many types of scams out there, so you must be careful when transmitting money.

If you transfer money, the person you’re sending it to gets the money quickly.  After the money is paid, we may not be able to give you a refund, even if you are the victim of fraud, except under limited circumstances.

If you believe you are the victim of fraud, call us. Fraud Hotline at 855-836-3364.

In Minnesota contact: Minnesota Office of the Attorney General, St. Paul, MN, website:; Phone Number: 651-296-3353; Toll Free: 1-800-657-3787; TTY: 1-800-366-4812.

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